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Fluttering Flowers

This presentation is an update about the Phoebis phillea butterfly I encountered in 2021 in a busy downtown alley in Mexico City. Through observation and visual documentation, I started to document this Lepidoptera that is often found in Florida and, according to an entomologist, is rare in Mexico. After my first visit, I saw the butterflies through different seasons and witnessed how the small colony could change due to the weather and human intervention on the hosting plant.

Veronica Solis (She/Her) is one of the MiA founders and is currently a Ph.D. student at Rice University. A proud #FirstGen and a former undocumented student. Her research interests are multispecies, decolonization, forest, landscape, and memory. She has founded art community projects in San Francisco and served there as a community liaison for the art community. Currently, she collaborates with an interdisciplinary research team in Mexico that focuses on the conservation of agave; also, she is working on urban community projects in Mexico City and Acapulco using her Art and Human Rights Studies as a bridge for multispecies-community dialogue.

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