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Our Ancestors Will Guide Us: The Danza Conchera Tradition

This introduces Danza Conchera, an Indigenous tradition from central Mexico. The Concheros are people who for centuries have preserved their forms of ritual music and forms of veneration. They maintain an intimate relationship with the Divine, the sacred images, and their ancestors through these offerings. Grupo Nauhcampa is a local Conchero Dance group whose teachings represent two lineages from the state of Mexico. They have been working in the Gilroy area for 10+ years, hosting ceremonies and practices for all who feel called to learn these forms of prayer, connection, and offering. We currently participate with the community as we are called on in the event of festivities for the religious images that are venerated throughout the year, as well as for cultural events. We’ll be sharing some brief context on the traditions and proceed with a small dance and song offering

Ameyalli de la Rosa (She/Her) is a 3rd-year transfer student who is working toward an Anthropology Major/ LALS Minor. Her passion for Indigenous traditions, specifically traditional music and devotional rituals, is inspired by her being born and raised in the Danza Conchera tradition. As someone whose upbringing was bi-cultural, she is also interested in the complexities of Chicanx identities and the way that cultures shift with migration.

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