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UCSC Anthro Day 2023

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Presentations 2023


Some News!
We welcome Prof. Mark Anderson as one of MiA's mentors. As a chair of the department, Prof. Anderson was very supportive of our events and of us as students, especially through the Covid lockdown.

Program AnthroDay 2022

12:00-2:00pm Zooarchaeology Open Lab - in person
12:15 Brief introduction by Prof. Quintana Morales and students.
Stations will be set for visitors to explore and make questions.
Google form for sign up here.

2:00-2:45pm AnthroDay En Comunidad
Zoom link
Con los Profesores, Alejandra Kramer,
Carla H. Garabito y Guillermo Delgado. 

3:00-5:10pm Zoom Presentations - Zoom link
Moderated by Professor Tsim Schneider
(See presenters and projects below)

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Credits for Anthro Day 2022:
MiA leading coordination and events: Veronica Solis and Isabella Crespin, and our new member of the event production team, Brent Horning.


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